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SEO Case Study – Small Business Web Design

After nine years this small family run business had grown accustomed to budgeting. Some months left them short and relying heavily on that once off job that would occasionally come along to fill the deficit.

Due to the nature of their work (a labor intensive industry) they like many other small businesses in this category did not have a website and felt unqualified to manage a social media site like facebook.

The Decision is Made to Invest in a Website

Having consulted with a friend the owner decided to invest in a 4 page website.

Careful consideration was given to the area the business operated in and how best to optimize the website for that area, their terms and conditions were re-looked at. The planned website also pushed him to settle on a minimum price for their service.

In the end they had a Home page that clearly defined who they were while also highlighting their array of services.

A Services page that incorporated their terms and conditions.

A Pricing page that listed how they arrived at their pricing with a specialized form designed for visitors specifically needing their services and a Contact page with a general enquiries form.

A Facebook Page is Created

With the website live, it was now a matter of creating a Facebook page and populating it.

Prior to creating the page, research was done to establish what topics in and around the clients industry were trending.

From this, an idea was formulated on how the client and his family could post regular photographic content to the site.

The family was brought together and everyone agreed that the Facebook plan could work.

The page was created and Senior members were trained on how to upload content.

With everything tested and working, the website was launched and Google Analytics immediately showed visitors were going through to the site.

The Wait for Ranking Begins

After the first month, the site was analysed but had not yet managed to rank for any keyword other than the businesses name.

A handful of visitors could be seen to have visited the site. However consulting with the owner revealed that no telephone or email enquiries had been received.

It was clear that the traffic getting through to the website was in fact the clients own friends and family.

Four months later and despite being the busiest time of the year for this business, not a single enquiry has been received from the website.

Google Rankings had been checked yet Google had still not ranked the website for anything other than the companies own name.

Search Engine Optimization Begins

Towards the end of October the client invested in a standard SEO Package and two keywords were decided on.

SEO Actions were implemented see SEO Packages for details and the changes were implemented on the 30th October.

7 Days later the website was ranking on Google in positions #53 and #29 respectively.

Prior to the Search Engine Optimizations Google Analytics had shown a steady decrease in site traffic.

After the implementations traffic started picking up. November and December showed a steady increase both for traffic and ranking position. By beginning December the website was ranking #6.


Of Note is that while no direct enquiries were made from the website during November or December, a client from years before, somehow got hold of the owner and requested a new quote.

January Starts With a Bang

On returning from their annual break the owner reported that the phones just started ringing and did not stop.

Every day brought one or more enquiries. With the third week of January showing 17 enquiries for that week alone.

By the start of February, daily schedules were being reshuffled to accommodate the influx of new business.  By the end of February the log book was full with on-going regular business.

Concerns started being raised at the companies ability to cope with all the new business,

However the phones and online enquiries did not stop, by the end of March the business had reached it's full service capacity and began turning eager customers away.


We've all heard about internet success and this story is yet another example of how a business can completely turn around as a result of a website.

In the case of this business it took less than 50 Visitors a Month. 

During the website build all the way back in August. Industry Research was conducted. The aim of this was to establish what a typical customers key concerns and requirements would be.

When meeting with our client we took careful note of what was required and then with all the information in hand, combined it into a format that met both our clients expectations as well as what our research had indicated was key for his clientele.

Establish Your Target Market

In our clients case their services are sought after by a large target market. They prefer however to only deal with a specific segment of that market. Mainly due to factors of workforce size and the management thereof.

This meant that the website had to rank for search terms that their preferred target market would use. In this case home owners as opposed to corporate's.

Code Your Website For Only Those Who Want Your Product or Service

Having researched your industry and established which "long tail search terms" (Word searches of 4 or more words) are most likely to be typed in by a serious buyer. One then goes about designing a website that caters for their needs. ie Clearly communicates that your service or product is the solution to their needs.

The result is that not only are the people who visit your website likely to be serious buyers but your website will most likely convert these visitors into an enquiry or telephone call in short order.

This two pronged approach is what accounted for our clients high conversion rate.

However as was observed until off page SEO occurred the website did not rank. By combining the off page SEO with the pre-built on Page SEO our client achieved #1 Rankings for local searches.

Keyword Phrase #1 Search Results

Image of Google Search Results

Keyword Phrase #2 Search Results

Image of Google Search Results

Our client operates in a highly competitive field. There is a small chance that linking this article to their website, could pave the way for competitors to push his website out of it's top spot by doing their own SEO.

According to Google data, their major keyword gets searched 1300 a month.

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Why ‘Free’ Clicks Why not Just Use Adwords

Why Organic (Free)? Why not Just Use Adwords to Generate Leads.

SEO can seem daunting when you're the decision maker.

For a results driven business owner, someone who has salaries to pay and a company to run, getting to grips with the internet is a mind boggling experience, which is why Google Adwords makes sense. You get a click and you pay for a click. A percentage of those clicks result in a ringing telephone or an email enquiry. These, are tangible results. As a business owner, you can work with those odds. You can turn a ringing telephone or an email enquiry into a paid invoice.

However none of this explains how or why there are websites that appear just underneath Googles Adverts? How did those websites get there. Did they bribe someone? Are their website developers part of some secret internet community that controls the internet? Unfortunately bribery and secret societies are not the answer. If it were then at least we could understand it and do something about it.

The answer is a lot more simple. Those websites provide the answers that your customer is looking for and yours does not.... according to Google.

That might be hard to agree with, or you might feel that that those companies do not deserve to be in the top spots, on the flip side, you could be of the opinion that they belong in the top spots and that you do not.

None of this would be true by the way!

Ranking Organically on Google takes common sense, and investing in the process. i.e You wont rank if you don't try.

Having done this more than once and always with the same principles we can be certain of that.

The way to do it is not a state secret. In all likelihood you have used either one or many of these principles to build your business to where it is today. And the same way you now hold a position of trust within your industry for providing the product or service you deliver so too have we established the knowledge and understanding on how to translate your industries values into a website that your clients prefer.

  • A friendly honest approach, we are not interested in hype or trickery.
  • Researching our clients and understanding what their customer wants.
  • Creating a website that communicates this understanding in a friendly, factual way.
  • Doing our due diligence and making sure each page is coded so that Google gets what it needs.
  • Building relationships with other websites. (Links)
  • Creating email campaigns for your existing customers that foster good will and encourage visits your website.
  • Printed advertising that gets your name out there so that more people become aware of your product or service.

The key ingredient is always your website. A well built website will support and benefit from other marketing activities. Gaining rankings whilst bringing acceptance and understanding of your company to your target market.

A cautionary note on advertising and websites is that while advertising will increase enquiries, should distribution cease, a poorly built website tends to drop in rankings.

A well built website on the other hand will rise through the rankings because it provides the answers your clients are looking for. This will occur whether the company advertises externally or not.

Unleash the Power of Your Online Marketing Today!

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