Are Your ‘Newsletters Out’ More Rare than Hens Teeth

Are Your ‘Newsletters Out’ More Rare than Hens Teeth. Here's Why

The reality of ensuring our business stays in touch with our clients, is way less exciting, than what happens after we send out a newsletter or special offer.

Here is the stage when all our relationships with all their unique histories get reduced to a mere database of name and addresses. As disheartening as that may be, that's not the hardest part.

Confronting the Beast

The really hard part comes, when we or rather 'I' sit down and write a bulk mail. That's when the buck stops right at my keypad.

My silver lining is that I tell myself "well at least you are not speaking on a stage" that would be so much worse. With that comfort in mind I dive in and start a conversation, wracking my wits to make sure I get as much reality with my audience as possible.

Staying in Touch Reaps Dividends

This single ability has generated far more profit for our businesses over the last 20 years than can be imagined.

And I can say without a doubt that this is true for every industry under the sun. If your business does business with human beings, then maintaining your relationships pays big dividends.

Even if your client only goes as far as reading the subject line as they're clicking delete. You've connected for that brief moment. For that moment he or she thought of you.

The Reason So Few Newsletter Go Out

I've yet to meet a business owner who does not agree with sending out newsletters either via email or post. What I do find in 90% of cases, is that it's just not being done.

At some stage between "Yes!!!! lets send out a newsletter" and "We've just sent out a newsletter" is where 90% of people disappear from the race.

I'm convinced that behind all of it is the fear of looking like an idiot.

Never Stop Promoting

If I hit the target spot on, my suggestion is that you start reading more about those people who've made it in this world. Besides being inspired you're sure to notice that each and every one of them had a challenge when it came to speaking to more than one person at a time.

Learn how they did it. Use whatever helps you to actually get a product on sending a newsletter out consistently.

Because once you've sent that message out is when the good stuff happens. Clients call you and reconnect, relationships are strengthened and in many cases there is an increase in sales.

We Create Email Newsletters

On of the perks of doing what we do is that we get to create really awesome email content.

This one below was sent out earlier today for one of our clients. Besides looking awesome we also added an online version to their website and created a signup form.


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