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With so much legislation about what can and cannot happen during the hiring process. Acquiring new staff can seem overwhelming to small or medium sized businesses.
This doesn’t exclude the challenge from big business. Yet the risk of hiring an employee is greater for a smaller company.
In reality the incorrect hire can have a huge impact on a small business. Even small things can whittle away at a businesses viability.
  • Productivity less than expected.
  • Employee disengaged. (Spends time at work focused on personal life)
  • Unexpressed negativity towards company values and goals.
More serious issues include:
  • Stating some untrue competence on CV which the business then relies on.
  • Expressing negativity of company to colleagues.
  • Outright criminality.
In the case of a small business, lack of expected production by an employee often has a direct result on profits.
In those cases where an employer dismisses the employee as a result. It can occur that they still run off to the Labour Department or the CCMA. Taking with them any story they believe will exonerate their behavior.
In this situation the business must defend against a system funded by their very own taxes. Using up yet more of the companies profits.
This is not a fiction, it is a reality.
Our countries laws do not permit discrimination. They are set up to protect as many people, from as many walks of life as possible.
The challenge is to create a system that is law abiding while retaining the owners autonomy.

The Ability to Produce the Desired Result.

Successful people posses many characteristics. Be they business owners or employees.
In all cases though, the ability to produce the desired result exists.
Choosing the right employee requires dedication and commitment. You wont always get it right the first time. Hiring a candidate with a proven track record might not be affordable.
Look for the following characteristics.
  • The ability to produce.
  • The ability to carry out an instruction.
  • The ability to produce at speed.

You Will Need a Team!

How you grow your business is your business, but you will need a team.
The very employees we discussed earlier. These are the people that will grow your business.

Your Goals Count

What would you be able to do with a staff that supported you and your goals?
A team that believed in your business, i.e. You!
A team like that does not walk in the door, you, your personality, your goals and visions are not generic.
Regardless of who you are, if you have a business that’s survived more than a few years. Then the fact is, that you are doing something right.
That thing or 'things' you are doing has resulted in income, for you and your staff.
The fact of this is that there are people who owe their very livelihood to you and who you are right now. Don’t let anyone deceive you into thinking otherwise or make it seem less important.

Finding The Right Team

The solution lies with you. Take responsibility. Eliminate focusing on how tough things are.
Great people are people not robots, not slaves. You’re in this to achieve a goal/s and make money, great. But your people are also in it to achieve a goal/s and make money.
Don’t stand in their way, open a door, even if it’s a crack. Use commission. I'm not saying give more away than you currently are for the same lackluster performance.
Make your staff work. It doesn’t have to be fair, but it does need to make sense. There does need to be opportunity involved.

A Win Win Game

Achieving your goals requires winning on many levels. Closing that big deal. Boosting production. Winning or losing at these day to day activities is what business is all about.
While you're focused on that big goal and the rewards it brings don't neglect your staff.
While you might think that it’s not your job to make your staff wealthy. Don’t be surprised when they take their good ideas, their passion and beliefs and your training, somewhere else.
When you fail to recognize and reward the abilities of a great team member you are stunting your own growth.

Reward Up-stats and Penalize Down-stats

Build a culture at the office.
Reward staff that produce in excess of what they were hired to.
But if the guy or gal is a clock watcher, you have someone on the team who is not a part of the team.
They're at work for the pay, they're interested in their own lives, lives by the way that your money pays for.
When you find that, realize that you need to step up your control, either inspire these people into being at work and giving their best efforts at work, over and above what is expected or find someone who will.

Re-Commit To Your Own Goals

Ask yourself how committed you are to your own goals and purposes.
Maybe you need to change the way you think.
Maybe you need to invest in yourself.

Control got you to where you are today.

Manage what you have so that it grows and expands. Your ability to control is what got you to where you are today. Keep that going.
Controlling others is often harder than it is to control yourself. But don't give up. This is the key to expansion.
Install or boost systems that report on the key areas of your business. Use statistics to manage.
Let your managers and employees manage their areas based on the same system.
In time this frees you up from controlling every aspect of the day to day business. Leaving you free to expand into other areas.

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